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Facial Tonic // NAPTOWN FLO

Facial Tonic // NAPTOWN FLO


2 oz.


when we say our facial tonic does it all, we mean that! each individual component is designed to complement all skin types. the synergistic properties of this blend will have your skin feeling fresh, pure, and youthful.

rosewater: balances skin's natural pH levels
lavender: soothing for all skin types, acne, & dehydrated skin
rosehips: rich in vitamin c; regenerates skin cells
calendula (marigold): antioxidant rich, protects cells from damage, prevents wrinkles
geranium: natural mood-booster & energizer, reduces inflammation and redness
witch hazel: anti-inflammatory cleanser
love: from fló, from you to yourself

use: dab onto a cotton ball or small reusable cloth and smooth over face and neck twice daily

Facial Tonic // NAPTOWN FLO

Facial Tonic // NAPTOWN FLO

Facial Tonic // NAPTOWN FLO
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